nedelja, 14. september 2014





My advice today: Get high on heels, not drugs!  ヅ


sreda, 10. september 2014


hey all!

I know I haven't been much here lately, but it's been crazy. 

As u can see, I still managed to do some shopping. ツ

I bought this beautiful bag and this supper cute sneakers for upcoming almost autumn days and I absolutely adore them. They are both from H&M, which is one of my favorite brands. 
I always find good things there!

I also got this Bourjois red lipstick as a gift from Orbico and I think with this combination it will fit perfectly!

Kind of a sporty elegant look which I love....


Well I hope u all are doing great and that bad weather isn't ruinning your mood!

U know what they say: there is always sunshine after the rain! :)

Thanks to Orbico again for sending me this stunning Bourjois red lipstick....will post some pics of it as soon as I get the chance ;)

Be good and buy yourself something nice for autumn ;)


nedelja, 31. avgust 2014


hey my beauties! ♥


I have a new mascara and I have to share this news with everyone!! ツ

Till now I was using the Guerlain mascara-for which I already made a review.

Well now, I almost ran out of it and I was just wondering this week which mascara am I gonna buy next, since I don't wanna stick to one all the time and I wanna try new things.

And then, one day this week, when I came home from work, a package was waiting for me. It was a gift sent from Max Factor and can you guess what they've sent me?!


Who would have thought? Are they reading my mind or what?  ツ ツ

Well I don't think I need to say how happy and excited I was.

 I have to admit that at first when I saw the tiny brush, I was a bit sceptical and that's because I always thought that if u want to create a volume, u have to get the biggest brush and I guess I was wrong.

I tried it the next day and I saw how mistaken I was. 

It's great and I was impressed. If u want to create more natural look with not much mascara on, u can apply it just once, but I always apply two coats of it as I like that my lashes look fuller.  ツ

I have to say that this is a really great alternative if you don't wanna spend money on really expensive mascaras. 

The price is good and so is the quality.

I am happy that I like it, since I'm gonna use it now everyday, instead of my old one.

I would like to thank Max Faxtor for sending me this brand new MAX FACTOR MASTERPIECE TRANSFORM mascara,which isn't even in the stores yet, so I had this privilege to try it before all others.

All I have to say is: buy it, try it, u'll love it! ツ

It's gonna be in stores this week, so don't hesitate to look for it. ツ

Well that's it for now...we'll be hearing soon as I have more things to show you. ヅ

Stay well till then and don't judge book by it's cover....or a brush of a mascara.  ヅ


petek, 29. avgust 2014


hey loves! ♥

Do I need to say anything? I got this beautiful, beautiful flowers.....

...and no, it's not a wedding bouquet. ヅ ....but it's pretty, right? ❤

Those who know me, know, that I'm a big fan of flowers...well which woman isn't?! 

I am obsessed with the color, since pink ones are my favorite.

 Sometimes we don't realize that it's simple things that really matter and can brighten your day!


 this floral decoration fits in my room perfectly! ツ

My weekend couldn't start in a better way...

I wonder, what's the thing that would make your day better? 

Write your answer in a comment....I am curious to hear it. ヅ

I would like to thank a person that gave me this flowers and wish everyone a great, relaxing weekend full of sunshine!


četrtek, 21. avgust 2014


 hey all! ♥

It's all about butterflies this time.....and no, not in my stomach....but on my feet! ヅ

It was Saturday and it was time for coffee. ツ ....I mean green tea and a cake! ...with a great photographer Matic Kos.

We went for a drink and it turned into the whole photoshoothing. ヅ

I'm gonna stop talking now and let u check how everything turned out....

 I bet u wonder where I got this beautiful sandals

It was sent to me by Milanoo and I couldn't wait to try them on. 
 They are everything I look for, fashionable and comfortable!

As u can see I stilled them with black&white dress....
How would u combine them?

 Thanks to Matic again for taking this beautiful pics! Make sure u check his work here.

And be sure to check what else Milanoo has to offer here.

Stay well and go catch some butterflies.  ヅ


torek, 19. avgust 2014


Hey sweethearts! ❥

On a sunny day like this, I can only think of a nice dress to go with it.  ヅ

This time I'm not gonna be writing essay, I'm just gonna leave you with pictures...

℃  ☼  ✓

❀  ✿  ❁

A little posing never hurt nobody. ツ

I hope u all are fine and enjoying last warm days!

Be good and enjoy the sunshine. ヅ


torek, 12. avgust 2014



 hey all! ❥

U know when they say time is gold?  ⌛

Well, so is my new diamond gold bracelet watch I got from Milanoo, international online shop. ヅ

They were so kind to send me this interesting piece of jewellery and it fits perfectly on my hand. 

The best thing I like about it is that it looks like a bracelet, but if u open it, it's actually a watch. 

So convenient, right? ツ

 It's accessorized with little shiny stones, in the middle, there is a cross made out of diamonds.

I love details like that, they make jewellery look even nicer. ヅ ♥

 U can see more information about it on their page

You can get your own watch here. ✔

Or if you want to check some similar that fits more your taste, just go here. ヅ

 The quality is nice, as I expected, so is the look and I'm happy to receive it. I am sure I'm gonna wear it a lot, since gold accessorizes are my thing and especially because I can wear it as a bracelet.

U can check more of other things they offer here.

You will love when u see which beautiful things they offer, I already made my wishlist of things I am gonna order next, and it's not short.  ツ

Make sure you check them out, prices are really acceptable and the delivery is quite fast.

Let me know if you need any advice...I'll gladly help you.  ヅ

Stay fabulous till next time and go shop online! ツ